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Prime Garage Sales is a digital city guide and e-newsletter made for New Jersey garage salers. Every week we highlight can't miss suggestions for garage salers in Sussex.

We are seeking volunteers willing to submit the best garage sale events in Hopatcong borough, Montague, Hampton or Green to the Prime Garage Sales calendar, report on special garage sale events, or with our assistance, organize a garage sale event.

May Hopatcong borough gain from a city-wide garage sale? You can expect to promote awareness of reuse and recycling, establish the ultimate garage sale marketplace, (Whether or not you're a buyer or a seller, the larger the garage sale event the better), provide a civic organization or your city government a chance to raise funds, meet up with your community, foster community business and tourism. Still not confident Hopatcong borough needs a city wide sale? read on.

Upcoming Hopatcong borough Prime Garage Sale Plans:

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2013 City Wide Garage Sale Plans for Hopatcong borough

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