Starts: 10-19-2013
Republic, MO

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Welcome to Prime Garage Sales, a digital city submission site and e-newsletter made by garage salers, for garage salers. We know you're busy with too many garage sales and other activities to plan for, we are garage salers too, so we sort out a pile of garage sales in Republic to deliver you a meticulously edited compilation of garage sale events such as annual church rummage sales, city wide garage sales, or school fundraiser sales.

Advantages of the Republic garage sale. You will stimulate the environment and reuse, interact with new neighbors, offer a civic organization or your city government a chance to raise money, promote local property and commerce, and maybe most importantly, build a perfect garage sale bazaar. Require help initiating a city wide or neighborhood sale? Prime Garage Sales can lend you a hand.

The way to plan a city wide sale . If you are an individual attempting to publicize your city or neighborhood sale, we encourage you enlist some help from a sponsor. A sponsor could be a non-profit organization trying to find a fundraising opportunity and strengthen their reputation through Republic County. The biggest gain in getting a sponsor is to use their influence in the community to properly jumpstart marketing on their website, Thelist and other marketing means.

Republic advised sponsors: You could make inquiries with the Chamber of Commerce, they may be eager to support local busineses, tourism and property in Republic. You might also find the city government eager to promote reuse and boost neighborly participation. Signing up the support of a sponsor can be helpful but is not necessary. Even without the support of a sponsor you have to be willing to do some footwork.

To make Prime Garage Sales grow to be more usable and established we are seeking volunteers eager to submit the top garage sale events in Republic to the Prime Garage Sales calendar, or with our direction, put together a city wide garage sale.

Republic Planning Updates:

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2013 City Wide Garage Sale for Republic

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