Frequently Asked Questions
Read below if you are interested in planning your own city or neighborhood wide sale.

Can Prime Garage Sales help me organize my city wide garage sale? Yes! We help sale organizers benefit from technology with customizable features and help them spread the word virally with Facebook Connect. For a list of services that we can help you with click here.

What price should i charge for the registration fee?
A fee of $10 to $35 per registrant is typical. The biggest determining factor is the median household income and the services you are rendering. See a sample budget here.

Can i raise money by sponsoring a sale myself?
If you're a non-profit or city government, certainly you can. If you are an individual that is completely your decision. Surely you should be compensated for your time and effort. Without the help of a sponsor to market your event, there certainly will be more work and advertising costs involved.

Who collects the payments?
Money for online registration is collected by Paypal or Google Wallet. If you provide us your Paypal email address and your Google Merchant account ID, we can deposit funds to directly to your account. If you use our payment accounts you still will be able to get account balance info online. You must have both payment. accounts if you wish to receive payments directly.

Is it safe to accept payments online?
You are in full control of your money if you have a Paypal or Google Merchant account. We only require your Paypal email address to begin accepting Paypal and credit card payments online. To accept Google Wallet payments we require a Merchant ID an Merchant Key. Passwords are not required.

Can i see what the online garage sale registration form is like?
Yes you can give the registration form a test run now and experience the form just like one of your participants would expereince. Keep in mind we will customize your form and include your name. The payment is currently set to $1 so you may experience making a payment too. Thanks for the buck!

Can registrants pay us directly by check?
Yes. We will supply you printed registration forms to distribute. If a participant pays you by cash or check in person with a printed registration form, you have two ways to submit the registrant data to us. You can complete our Express Registration Form for each registration. This is a sample. This is a private form that only you will have access to so you may manually enter all registrants to your database. Alternatively you can send us a spreadsheet of the data.

It is required manual registration submisions be made of the printed registration forms you collect so you will be able to view
all registrants online and we will have the complete registration list we need for mapping. The printed registration forms have a short 35 charcter description limit. A short description alleviates manual typing mistakes. The online registration description is a lengthy 400 characters.

Can I view the online registrants?
Yes. You will be give a link and password so you can view the online registration progress.

Can garage sale participants appear on the map without paying? No. There is no way participants can list their sale without paying first. If they register online, they will need to pay with Paypal or Google Wallet. If they pay and register with you in person, you will need to enter their info in the Express Registration Form which only you will have access to.

How much space does a registrant have to list their sale? They have 35 characters in addition to their address to list their sale description. That is brief because we include each sale description on the printed map. Online garage sale registrants can also enter a lengthyer 400 character description which will appear on the online map and the mobile app.

Can the Registration Form and Online Map appear on my website? Yes. They can be easily embedded on your website with the html code we supply you. Alternatively we can host them on

What is the deadline for a participant to register?
If your sale opens Friday June 1 then we suggest a registration deadline one week prior or Friday May 24. After this deadline we will need all the printed registrations you collected submited to us. It will take us one day to create and send the printed map to you. You will then need to print and distribute the printed map throughout your community. This is just our suggested timeline. If you would feel more comfortable with more time to print and distribute your maps, just specify the registration deadline you need in your Sponsor Registration form.

After this deadline we can keep the online registration opened until the last day before the sale so registrtants can still be included in the online map and mobile app. It will be clear that the deadline has past for the printed map.

Read below if you are interested in submitting a sale to the calendar.

What's the cost for submitting a garage sale event to our calendar? Its free! However your sale must adhere to our strict guidelines and be approved by our human editors. To view our submission guidelines click here.

Do i need to be the organizer or sponsor to submit a sale? No, but all submissions will be verified. Your contact info will be collected in case we have questions for you.

I found an error in a listing. We need your help correcting any errors! Its is important to us and the Prime Garage Sales community that the data is correct. If you see any errors in an address, date or other relevent facts please submit corrections here.

Do the addresses in my city wide sale appear on a map? If the organizer of the sale is participating in our city wide service, all the locations to your event will be present on an online and printed garage sale map. You will need to search for your state and city to find more info on your sale.

Do the addresses in my city wide sale appear on a mobile app? If the organizer of the sale is participating in our city wide service, all the locations to your event will be present on our Garage Sale Rover mobile map App. This App is free to download from Google Play and the Apple App Store. Here is more info on Rover.

Can I submit a news story to your blog or events calendar?
Yes! We'd love to hear from you. If you want our editors to cover your event, garage sale tips, photos of your treasure find or personal stories read our story submission guidelines.

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